Ep. 2 The Sun King & Versailles Pt.2

Episode Transcript

Quick snapshot of King Louis XIV's family tree

The young Louis XIV with his brother Phillippe and his governess Françoise de Souvré, marquis de Lansac, Unknown, c.1643, oil on canvas, Palace of Versailles


Bust of Louis XIV, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1665, white marble, Palace of Versailles

Personal Image

Images from Wikipedia pages.

Conversion on the Way to Damascus, Carravaggio, c.1600, oil on canvas, Santa Maria de Popolo


Plan of Versailles, Pierre Lepautre, c.1690, unknown medium, Bibliothèque nationale de France


Et in Arcadia ego, Nicolas Poussin, 1628, oil on canvas, Louvre Museum


Everhard Jabach and His Family, Charles Le Brun, c.1660, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Musuem of Art


Le Roi gouverne par lui-même, Charles Le Brun, c.1680, oil on canvas, Palace of Versailles


Louis XIV dans Le Ballet de la nuit, Henri de Gissey, 1653, unknown medium, location unknown


Louis XIV, the protector of Arts and Sciences. Allegory of 1672, Jean Garnier, c.1670-2, oil on canvas, Palace of Versailles


Seasons and Elements (Air) (set of four), attributed to Charles Le Brun, c.1683, textile, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Helpful Resources

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