Why the boozy art historian?

So frequently we find ourselves dreading museum visits, gallery openings, and many other art based social interactions.  Typically this self inflicted feeling of dread is for the sake of giving off the appearance of being "cultured".  Does anyone truly win, or even learn anything art historical related for that matter, in this situation?     

This is where I come in.  Art history is much more than just a painting of some flowers, or a portrait of yet another man in a wig.  Countless artworks represent the rich history of our species' existence.

Join me for my bi-weekly podcast where I take you beyond the surface of art and into the social, economic, and (sometimes) dramatic history behind art works.  All over a cocktail, or two.  While I can't guarantee you'll love art history by the end of each episode, I can guarantee you'll have valuable tools at your disposal to be used during your next run in with art. Hopefully making the experience a little more enjoyable.

I'm The Boozy Art Historian, making art history fun, one drink at a time.

Want to learn more about the people and latest research in the art world?  Check out my "sober" alter-ego (pun intended), The Curious Art Historian
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