Ep. 5 King George III & Queen Charlotte

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Image 4

King George III in coronation robes, Allan Ramsay, c.1765, oil on canvas, Art Gallery of South Austrialia (Wiki Image Source)


Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Studio of Allan Ramsay, 1762, oil on canvas, National Portrait Gallery (Wiki Image Soruce)


Image 5

Queen Charlotte, Thomas Gainsborough, 1781, oil on canvas, The Royal Collection


Image 6

The Marsham Children, Thomas Gainsborough, 1787, oil on canvas, Gemäldegalerie


Image 7

The Three Youngest Daughters of George III, John Singleton Copley, 1785, oil on canvas, Buckingham Palace


Image 8

King George III and Queen Charlotte with their six eldest children, Johann Zoffany, 1770, oil on canvas, Royal Collection


Image 9

Queen Charlotte with her Two Eldest Sons, Johann Zoffany, 1765, oil on canvas, Royal Collection


Image 10

Queen Charlotte, Johann Zoffany, 1771, oil on canvas, Royal Collection


Image 11

The Death of General Wolfe, Benjamin West, 1770, oil on canvas, National Gallery of Canada


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