Ep.7 The Statues in NYC's Central Park

Learn about some of my favorite statues in NYC's Central Park. Link contains a video recording of a walking tour of Central Park.
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Helpful Resources

Google Maps Guide [Link]

This is a collection of saved locations I've put on a Google Maps for you to pull up on your phone the next time you're out walking in Central Park and easily find the statues I discuss in this episode.

Books & Essays

"The New York Obelish, or, How Cleopatra's Needle Came to New York and What Happened When It Got Here", The Metropolitan Museum of Art, v.50, no.4 (Spring, 1993) [Link]

"Creating Central Park", The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin v.65, no.3 (Winter, 2008) [Link]


Park History, Central Park Conservancy [Link]

List of Sculptures in Central Park (Wikipedia) [Link]

Simón Bolívar (Wikipedia) [Link]

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